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Skull Mountain

Daymond Gage

Enter the Dark & Fantastic World of Cordon

Skull Mountain Book

If you like dark and captivating fantasy stories, Skull Mountain is the book for you. It is the perfect introduction to the dangerous world of Cordon and the unique vision of author Daymond Gage. Discover what it will take for his compelling characters to endure in the domain filled of countless mythical creatures, suspense, and romance when you read the first volume of the exciting Skull Mountain trilogy.

Skull Mountain

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"Follow the journey of Olivia Ryan into the dark realm of Cordon when you read Skull Mountain."

Fantasy Novel

About the Author Daymond Gage

Daymond Gage

Explore Skull Mountain, the visionary new fantasy novel from author Daymond Gage, available now from Red Cover Publishing House. Daymond has enjoyed writing since he was a little boy. What was once a way to escape is now an opportunity to share his imaginative visions with others as a fantasy author. Through his trilogy of unique dark fantasy books, Daymond offers a fresh perspective on vampires, elves, and other supernatural beings.

Readers will encounter another world with its own kingdoms, wars, and prophecies, as well as the exciting seduction of Olivia Ryan by two entrancing suitors. The world of Cordon is another realm that has interacted with our own world for almost a millennium. It is full of worlds within worlds and monsters of all shapes and sizes. With humanity on the brink of extinction, how will Olivia survive and find love? Find out when you place an order for your copy of Skull Mountain through online vendors. Be sure to read the numerous five-star reviews left on!

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